Pomdi: innovative products to conquer new markets

2013-10-20 | Product news

Being able to follow the market needs and demands with continuously evolving and technologically-advanced products – this is the goal of all manufacturing companies. Pomdi shows us just how it is doing this with its most recent product developments on show at Vitrum.

Pomdi: innovative products to conquer new markets
Pomdi Diamond Tools’ Golden Age
Pomdi Diamond Tools is living, as the company says, a Golden Age, conquering new markets thanks to its new and innovative products for flat glass processing, such as those for double edgers/bilaterals.

Double edger wheels
Starting with the consolidation of the 3NEO®
Diamond Wheels System, now a reference in the market, and already working on 95 per cent of straight line edgers and beveller brands, Pomdi is now proceeding further with a strategy to dominate the wheels market for bilateral machines; both the well-known classic Italian and German brands, as well as new names.
Pomdi is perfectly aware of glaziers’ needs for productivity maxi-
mization with regards to the use of double
edgers/bilaterals, even those working as much as three shifts without stopping. In these situations, the need of quick and easy changeover of the worn diamond tools is a must. Therefore, the 3NEO® diamond wheels system is the perfect option as it enables to change a whole sets of tools of a 10- to 12-motor machine in only two minutes per wheel, instead of the normal 8-10 minutes per motor. This means the more double edgers/bilaterals you have the more interest you may have in this system, as you save more time, having less machine down time.
Besides, and this is also a common question, thanks to Pomdi’s bond, the wheels deliver their expected finishing in only a few meters of glass after installing them on the machine – another time-saving aspect to bear in mind. Obv...


Article taken from Glass-Technology International bi-monthly magazine (6 issues per year)
Year: 2013 number: 5
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