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Hornos Pujol: “The end of the autoclave” with PUJOL 100

2013-02-20 | Laminating

Glass processors have, for some years now, been looking for a substitute to the autoclave in the production of laminated glass. Solutions have been found but, even if they reduce energy costs, production and products are not really profitable because the applications are limited only to some specific types and thicknesses of PVB. In this article, Hornos Pujol presents its new system that responds to all demands and requests of glass processors which, it says, can … “affirm the end of the autoclave it is already possible.”

The new Pujol 100 System developed by Hornos Pujol can, says the company, affirm the end of the autoclave
The new Pujol 100 System developed by Hornos Pujol S.A. supposes a change of paradigm in the sector. Thanks to this new system, we can affirm the end of the autoclave is already possible.
The Pujol 100 System, compared with the autoclave system, allows the lamination of glass with PVB:
•    no need for humidity or climate control;
•    reduction of the energy cost;
•    no need for calandring systems;
•    reduction of space;
•    reduction of layers for laminated tempered glass;
•    reduction of cost per produced unit;
•    no need for investments in generators or in compressors;
•    reduction of necessary installed power;
•    flexibility of production adapted to demand;
•    reduction of delivery time of laminated glass;
•    no risk of explosion or safety inspections;
•    allows diversification of products in response to increasing markets.

Laminating with PVB
Due to the high hygrometry of PVB, there is the belief in the market that for the production of glass laminated with PVB, the glass must be manipulated and stored under a stable conditions, it must not exceed 25 per cent of humidity and a controlled temperature of 18°C in order to reduce the quantity of absolute humidity.
Pujol 100 proves that this belief is false or is badly focused.
In fact, it is not the film that needs to be laminated under such conditions but it is the autoclave that by using traditional pressure systems is not capable of diluting more than 25 per cent of the residual humidity. The n...


Article taken from Glass-Technology International bi-monthly magazine (6 issues per year)
Year: 2013 number: 1
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