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Newly founded HEGLA boraident secures jobs and know-how in Halle (Saale)

As of 5 October, boraident, based in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany, has been taken over by the HEGLA Group. All company employees, services, consulting and ongoing projects will continue unchanged, as will...

Section: News Date: 2017-10-17 Mergers, acquisitions & disposals

Investor wanted for mould manufacturer Schrader

Strategic investor sought for the glass mould maker undergoing corporate restructuring

Section: News Date: 2014-11-11 Company financial news

Vitro reports 4Q and FY 2013 unaudited results

Vitro has reported its unaudited results for the fourth quarter 2013 and fiscal year 2013, also concluding the insolvency process started on 17 November 2010 without affecting its customers.

Section: News Date: 2014-03-13 Company financial news

Stürtz Maschinenbau acquired by family-owned investment company

After filing preliminary insolvency proceedings due to encumbering one-off factors in December 2012, Willi Stürtz Maschinenbau has now been taken over by an investment consortium of experienced ...

Section: News Date: 2013-03-14 Company financial news

Vitro: court denies request for reconsideration of bankruptcy case

Vitro's recent motion for "en banc" consideration of the court's decision affirming an original ruling denying Vitro SAB's use of a Mexican bankruptcy restructuring plan in the US has been denied.

Section: News Date: 2013-01-17 Legal news

Vitro: Spanish subsidiary declared in voluntary Concurso

Vitro’s subsidiary - Vitro Cristalglass, S.L. - in voluntary Concurso, due to the economic crisis in European markets, specifically in the construction industry, where Vitro Cristalglass conducts its ...

Section: News Date: 2012-07-17 Company financial news

Sklarny Kavalier declared bankrupt

Glass maker Sklarny Kavalier, a member of the group Bohemia Crystalex Trading (BCT), was declared bankrupt on 9 February 2009 by the Municipal Court in Prague, according to data from the insolvency...

Section: News Date: 2009-02-16 Mergers, acquisitions & disposals

Waterford: government at risk of pension damages claims

The Irish government may face large claims for damages for its failure to protect the pension benefits of Waterford Crystal employees in the event of insolvency of the glass plant, according to a...

Section: News Date: 2009-02-05 Mergers, acquisitions & disposals

BCT declared insolvent by Prague court

The Municipal Court in Prague declared glass company Bohemia Crystalex Trading (BCT) insolvent on 16 January 2009, according to the insolvency register website. The glass maker and its subsidiaries...

Section: News Date: 2009-01-21 Mergers, acquisitions & disposals

BCT: minister does not rule out financial help

Czech Finance Minister Miroslav Kalousek said in a statement on 13 January 2009 that he does not rule out financial help to glass group Bohemia Crystalex Trading (BCT) which is in insolvency...

Section: News Date: 2009-01-20 Company financial news

Sklarny Bohemia: court appoints insolvency administrator

The municipal court in Prague appointed an interim receiver on 3 October 2008 for glass maker Sklarny Bohemia of the BCT group which is in insolvency proceedings, according to data from the...

Section: News Date: 2008-10-06 Mergers, acquisitions & disposals

Steklarna Rogaska Luminos to file for insolvency

It was reported on 23 July that Slovenian lighting glass producer Steklarna Rogaska Luminos is to file for insolvency after the management and supervisory board of the company approved the decision...

Section: News Date: 2002-09-06 Sector trends

Belopal insolvency case to proceed

The Varna Court of Appeal will proceed with the insolvency case for Bulgaria``s Belopal glass maker on 26 February 2002. In mid-January 2002 the magistrates heard the parties to the case and adopted...

Section: News Date: 2002-03-27 Sector trends

Hermann Heye to break even

Hermann Heye KG, based in Obernkirchen, Germany, the insolvent hollow container glass specialist, should break even by mid-2002 at the latest, according to the insolvency administrator Stephan...

Section: News Date: 2001-11-05 Sector trends

Banks support Heye-Glas

After negotiations German glass machinery manufacturer Heye-Glas`` Insolvency Administrator Stephan Htershinken recently succeeded in receiving valuable guarantee agreements from the banks involved...

Section: News Date: 2001-07-27 Sector trends

Heye-Glas: update on insolvency proceedings

German glass machinery maker Heye-Glas issued a press release giving an update on its insolvency proceedings. The insolvency administrator Stephan Holtershinken is confident that the company will...

Section: News Date: 2001-06-27 Sector trends

Heye-Glas confirms insolvency proceedings

On 30 May 2001 Ulrich Buschmeier, managing partner of the German glass machinery maker, Heye-Glas, applied at the District Court in Buckeburg for the opening of insolvency proceedings, the company...

Section: News Date: 2001-06-15 Sector trends
17 Total news items and articles
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