Panini: a century of machinery construction

2015-08-20 | Machinery developments

Having experience is one thing, but having a century of experience is another. This is exactly what Panini has – 100 years of activities and experience with five generations of the same family. Combining mechanical design skills and plant engineering, Panini focuses on the construction of autoclaves for the lamination of flat, curved and special types of glass.

Panini: a century of machinery construction
Five generations and 100 years of activities
Panini s.r.l is a family-owned and run company located in Maranello, (Modena). The company was founded more than 100 years ago and was focussed on the construction of machinery for steam production for industrial use, more specifically for the design and construction of industrial thermal plants for the different types of industrial activities in the areas of Modena and Emilia: “auto, dairy, ceramic, textile, etc”.
For five generations, Panini S.r.l. has been constantly present on Italian and European markets. More recently, Panini has also increased and expanded its presence to include food preservation, aiming to become an important manufacturer and supplier of sterilization systems for the food and beverage industry.
The company is made up of two divisions:
1.    pressurized autoclaves for the food, glass, composite, rubber and impregnation sectors, as well as specialized systems;
2.    industrial technological services suitable for all the above-mentioned sectors.

New production unit
Panini’s new production unit, up and running since September 2004, takes up more than 5,000 m², with a layout that has been especially designed to rationalize production as per ISO9001 requirements. It is equipped with the most recent types of machinery, providing maximum reliability in terms of welding of pressurized vessels, computerized plasma cutting and the absolute separation of production lines for the processing of stainless steel and carbon s...


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Year: 2015 number: 4
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